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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Established in January 2012, Euroshine specializes in delivering exceptional Commercial and Residential Cleaning services. Our team comprises highly trained professional cleaners and staff members, each meticulously prepared to approach every cleaning task with utmost respect and proficiency, having completed requisite safety training protocols.

At Euroshine, our overarching objective is to administer professional cleaning and maintenance services to our clientele’s homes, facilities, and buildings, upholding the highest standards of excellence. Recognizing our customers’ preference for seamless experiences, we are committed to providing robust management and guidance for each project, ensuring services are rendered smoothly and to your utmost satisfaction.

Euroshine is honored to have recieved multiple prestigious awards over recent years. We are delighted to announce that we have now received a total of nine awards. Our most recent achievement includes securing the ‘Best Cleaning Service‘ company in Ottawa for the year 2024, bestowed upon us by Industry Oversight, a recognition we deeply value.

Furthermore, we are proud recipients of ‘The Top Choice‘ award for 2018, 2022. Our commitment to excellence has also been acknowledged by, where we have been honored with the ‘Best of Ottawa‘ award for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019. Additionally, we have been recognized with ‘The Consumer Choice‘ award in the same category for 2017 and 2018.

Moreover, Euroshine has been distinguished with the ‘Best Residential Cleaning Company‘ of 2015 in Ottawa title by the Top Choice Awards Magazine. These accolades serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional cleaning services and achieving customer satisfaction.

The difference that Euroshine provides is that we not only clean your house but we provide quality and reliable service. Our house cleaning maids are trained, insured, and bonded. We take quality seriously and constantly rely on your feedback to improve our home and office cleaning services.

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The cleaners always start from top to bottom of the house where they clean every part of the house from every corner and every baseboard. If the kitchen cabinets are empty, the cleaners are going to clean inside them as well. They can also clean inside the oven and inside the fridge and behind if you wish but they must be empty and pulled-out before the team arrives.

Our cleaning services* include, but are not limited to:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Sleeping areas
  • Living areas
  • Hardwood floors
  • Carpet and area rugs
  • Manufactured flooring
  • Appliances

For the initial cleaning Euroshine provides all cleaning supplies and materials to make your house clean and shiny. If you like our services and decide to become regular client, the client needs to provide all their cleaning materials and you will receive a flat rate (much lower than the normal service price) depending on how often you need our services. We will send pictures with some suggested materials, but the client is free to provide anything they would like to be used in their houses in a regular basis.

We use professional cleaning products that are all eco-friendly. The products we use are also used in emergency rooms, rest/eating areas, food preparation areas, food processing and packaging lines.

We would suggest tiding up the house before the cleaners arrive. This will help the cleaner get the maximum amount of work done cleaning the house during the designated time period.

You don’t need to be at home during the service. If you need moving-in/out cleanings – all our cleaners are trained and knows what to do. If you need one-time deep initial cleaning, we would love to see you at home to explain to us what you expect to be done during the cleaning and eventually in your regular cleanings.

When the cleaners completes the work, it will be good to go over and check their cleaning while the cleaners are still there – if you see anything that the cleaners may have missed, the cleaners would be happy to address it!

Although if you prefer to be home feel free to do so if you would like to be there while the cleaners are doing their tasks.

You can 100% trust our employees. Our cleaning teams are on payroll and they all have a contract with Euroshine. Furthermore, during the hiring process we make sure to do a Police Check Record. Euroshine has one of the best company insurances and we also apart of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

We don’t throw away garbage, the house should be empty.

The cleaners always start from top to bottom and do everything – every corner, every baseboard etc. If the kitchen cabinets are empty, the cleaners are going to clean inside the cabinets as well. They can also clean inside the oven and fridge and behind them if you wish but they must be empty and pulled-out before the cleaners arrives.

We don’t wash dishes; we don’t change bed sheets. We wash windows and blinds, but this will require additional time which we inform all our clients who would like this service.

We do our best to designated a specific cleaning pair to clean each house during regular cleaning but there can be alterations based on availability. Each and every one of our professional cleaners and staff members are thoroughly trained with respect regarding each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training required.

All the teams at Euroshine is made up of two cleaners.

While we strive to provide accurate estimations for the duration of our cleaning services at your residence, please be advised that these estimates are subject to variations based on traffic conditions. We endeavour to furnish our customers with approximate arrival times for our cleaners, understanding the importance of your schedule and the need for timely communication.

Upon a client’s establishment as a regular client, our commitment entails consistently assigning the same cleaners for each visit. This practice not only fosters familiarity and reassurance for clients regarding the individuals working in their residences but also optimizes operational efficiency for our team. The continuity allows our cleaners to become acquainted with the layout and preferences, ensuring a standardized and proficient cleaning experience during every subsequent visit.

Upon completion of the cleaning, we recommend reviewing the work with the cleaners while they are present. If you identify any areas that may have been overlooked, our cleaners will be pleased to address them immediately. In the event that you are unable to inspect the service before their departure, please email us ( with details of any missed aspects. This allows us to ensure focused attention on those areas during the subsequent visit. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your collaboration in achieving the desired results.

Certainly, you have the option to communicate specific instructions and preferences to the assigned cleaners during their visit to ensure your precise cleaning requirements are met.

While we exercise utmost care and diligence in our work, if an incident such as breakage occurs, we will promptly notify the client and make every effort to resolve the issue to their satisfaction.

Please inform us in advance via email ( to coordinate and schedule additional work. Kindly include details on the specific tasks required, allowing us to address them during your next scheduled visit or arrange for an additional service appointment.

Our cleaning process adheres to a meticulous top-to-bottom approach, encompassing every corner and baseboard within your home. In the kitchen, if cabinets are empty, our cleaners will thoroughly clean inside them. Additionally, upon your request, they can clean inside the oven, fridge, and the area behind them. To facilitate this, it is necessary for these appliances to be empty and pulled-out before our cleaners arrive. Our commitment to professionalism and efficiency ensures that every task is executed thoroughly to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

No, all our cleaning staff is accustomed to and comfortable with various types of pets. Having pets in the house is not a concern for us.

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Appointments & Scheduling

We operate with 2 teams during weekends as well. If you require our services on the weekend, kindly provide an email with the address in advance. This will allow us to efficiently allocate the best available slot within our schedule.

We prioritize the preferences of our numerous regular clients and make every effort to accommodate their scheduling requests. If your preferred time is available, we will schedule accordingly. In the event it is not, we will strive to identify an alternative time that aligns best with your preferences.

Certainly, our extensive client base, comprising over 148 satisfied regular clients, attests to our long-term commitment and service excellence. We operate without the imposition of contracts; clients are welcome to continue with our services based on their satisfaction. Should a client decide to discontinue our services, they are welcome to communicate this via email (

For those considering our regular service, we recommend an initial trial to assess the quality of our services. Subsequently, upon confirming a regular schedule, we can better assess the size of your residence, enabling us to provide an accurate estimate of both a fixed rate and a suitable schedule for your ongoing cleaning needs.

No formal contract is required for our clients. Satisfaction with our services is the primary determinant of continued engagement, and our clients are free to terminate our service at any time without obligation.

We do not provide services on public holidays. We make diligent efforts to reschedule appointments to accommodate our clients accordingly.

To facilitate the temporary suspension of cleaning services during your planned absence, we kindly request that you send us an email ( at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

*It is important to note that a cancellation fee of $55 will be applicable for any cancellations made within this 48-hour timeframe. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

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Billing & Pricing

We accept payments through cash, checks, or etransfers via email.

In order to accommodate our clients with a convenient and streamlined scheduling process, we kindly request a 48-hour advance notification for any cancellations.

* Please note that a fee of $55 will be applicable for cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment. Your understanding and adherence to this policy are greatly appreciated.

Yes, to enhance the efficiency of our regular cleaning services and expedite the process, it would be beneficial for us to have a copy of your keys. This ensures convenience and timely access to the designated entry point, whether it be the main door or access through the garage. Your cooperation in providing a copy of the keys will contribute to a smoother and more streamlined cleaning experience.

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Home Access

Our routine cleaning staff is usually granted access to the residences of our regular clients either through designated exterior doors or garage entry points, as per the preference specified by each individual client.

In the case of one-time cleaning services, clients are invited to communicate their preferred entry procedure to facilitate a seamless and customized cleaning experience.

The keys shall exclusively rest with the professional cleaning personnel entrusted with the routine maintenance of your residence.

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Clients who refer our services to new customers will be eligible for a discount on their next routine visit. Your recommendations are highly valued, and we aim to express our gratitude through this special discount offer.

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