We charge by the job based on a regular cleaning schedule. We estimate by the hour for your home. Our hourly rate ranges from $37 to $60 per hour per person. We average the time we spend in your home over the course of many months. There are times when your home needs more work as opposed to times when it is fairly easy to do. Our minimum charge per visit is $120


One time cleaning, Move in/out, Construction Cleaning*

Our rate for one time cleaning is calculated at the rate of $55 per Person-Hour. A discount is available for regular clients and we work with construction companies, real estate agents and property managers.


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Regular Cleaning - Monthly, Bi-weekly, Weekly*

Our regular cleaning rates are per job but based on hourly rate. We average the tame it takes for each cleaning over long period of time. This will give you peace of mind knowing exactly how much each visit will cost you. The first cleaning usually takes longer than a normal cleaning. Our rates for regular cleaning are: 

Weekly: $37 per Person-Hour

Bi-weekly: $37 per Person-Hour

Monthly: $50 per Person-Hour

All rates are plus HST



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*All rates are subject to an optional $10 charge for gas if you are located outside of our core service area.